5 Fall/Winter 2018 hair trends that prove you've always been stylish

Spring Forward, Fall Back

It makes perfect sense to review the September 2018 runway season (that literally just ended) to identify the hottest hair for cold weather, right? 

Since when does the fashion cycle make sense?

You actually have to go way back in time to February 2018 to get a clear read on Fall/Winter 2018 hair trends. No worries, we did the hard work of identifying runway hair trends you can create in your very own bathroom.

Fun fact? You've probably rocked one of these looks before.

5 Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trends

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend #1: Messy-Sexy-Undone-Bun

Lazy girls rejoice! Your favorite low energy hair look has just gone haute couture. Spotted on the runway at the epicenter of chic, Chanel cemented the undone bun as a Fall/Winter 2018 hair trend, just in time for you to show up to Sunday brunch in the same shirt you slept in. 

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend: Messy Bun at Chanel

Get the look: Texture is critical to elevate this low key hair style. If your hair has a natural curl or wave, apply a dime size serving of Cibu Curl Magnet Curl Amplify Cream to damp hair and air dry or diffuse to enhance texture. If your hair is straight, work a golf ball size serving of Cibu Shang High Mousse throughout damp hair and dry with a blowdryer set to low, dipping hair into the air stream, scrunching as you go. When hair is dry, secure at nape of neck with an elastic or bobby pins. Make sure it looks effortlessly sloppy.

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend #2: City Slicker

This dramatic look is super easy to style and a little bit harder to pull off. The trick to rocking an intentional "caught in the rain with hair gel" look is to "act as if." Pair this Fall/Winter 2018 hair trend with a red lip and smoldering gaze. If only to channel your inner Robert Palmer guitar girl for Halloween. 

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend: Slicked back at Alexander McQueen
Get the look: Cocktail 3 drops of Cibu Shine Squad Argan Oil Treatment with a quarter size serving of Redken Hardwear Super Strong Sculpting Gel in hand. Comb through wet hair. Spray with Cibu Finista Flexible Finishing Spray to hold. Let air dry.

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend #3: Braids For Days

From Rochas to Alexander McQueen to Bubbles Hair Salon alum Christian Siriano, braids are sticking around for another season. Make them your own! Try college spring break style cornrows, your middle school french braid or go way back to Pippy Longstocking pig tales.

Ooooh, like, maybe if you sleep on them your hair will be wavy in the morning!

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend: Braids at Rochas

Get the look: Spray dry hair with a light mist of Cibu Shine Squad Argan Oil Mist.  Call your friend who knows how to braid hair. Have her braid your hair. Suggest she rub a pearl size serving of Cibu Origumi Fiber Paste between her fingers to hold down fly aways as she braids.

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend #4: Turnt Up Volume

We love volume.


Listen. To achieve Fall/Winter 2018 hair trend status, you're going to need more than just a root booster (but you'll definitely need one of those, too).

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend: Major volume

Get the look: Work a golf ball size of Pureology On The Rise Root Lifting Mousse through damp hair. Blow dry in sections with a medium or large round brush (depending on hair length). Once hair is dry, roll entire head in extra large velcro rollers and set with Cibu Finista Flexible Finishing Spray. Remove rollers after :20 minutes. Pick up a large section of hair at crown and back comb (we like the way Tangle Teezer Salon Elite fits in our palms). Keep backcombing until your hair can stand on its own. Now, smooth that puppy down (softly!) with a soft bristle brush and shape it a little so that top layer of hair sits on the backcombed volume. Spray it again with Finista.


Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend #5: Smells Like Teen Angst

The 1990s called and they said to deal with it, ok? If you're anything like me, you did "grunge" in 1993 wearing your dad's flannel and knock off Doc Martins. Who can blame the millennials for wanting a piece of our golden age? Heck, why not get back in the game with this slightly matted, very rumpled, they'll-ask-if-it's-dirty Fall/Winter 2018 hair trend.

Fall/Winter 2018 Hair Trend: Grunge

Get the look: Spray damp hair generously with Cibu Spraycation Texturizing Surf Spray (coming soon!). Isolate 2" sections and spray again before coiling hair around fingers and clipping to side of head with sectioning clips. Repeat until entire head is set and allow to air dry 90%. Unpin slightly damp hair and let air dry. Rake your fingers through dry hair to separate texture or own the matted to your head look and Courtney Love it like you haven't slept in 3 days.

Come Back, Now?

Fashion is cyclical. Stay on the fresh side of the Fall/Winter 2018 trend cycle with your own twist on these easy to execute runway looks and no one will ask why you aren't wearing dad sneakers.

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