Cibu Bring Your Blowout Home: Smooth and Straight

One of the super awesome perks of having daily access to 10,000 Stylists is an endless supply of pro hair styling tips! Now, we don't claim that you'll achieved their licensed level of #blowdryboss, but with these insider hints, the right professional tools and a few Cibu products you can recreate a salon worthy blowout in your own bathroom.

Step 1: PRIME

Using a wide tooth comb, distribute 4-5 pumps of Cibu Drynamic Blow Dry Accelerator thru damp hair. Formulated with nano silicones to repel moisture and argan oil to protect hair from heat, Drynamic speeds up your blow dry and nourishes hair at the same time. 


Use your hands (no brush yet!) to stretch hair and blow dry with nozzle down. Continue this process until hair is 50% dry. Flash drying your hair without a brush saves time and prevents arm fatigue. For medium to thick hair prone to frizz, we love this affordable Hot Tools Ionic  Pro Dryer because it is powerful (1875 watts) yet lightweight. 

Step 3: PREP

Emulsify 3 - 4 pumps of Cibu FrizzFix Straightening Balm in palms. Apply from mid shaft to ends of hair. Infused with keratin protein for strength and silk protein to smooth hair and enhance shine, FrizzFix is a blow dry balm that locks out humidity to prevent frizz and provides a silky, straight finish.


Part hair in four quadrants: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. Twist and secure with sectioning clips to make the blowout more manageable and ensure all hair is dried evenly. This four pack from Cibu is easy on the wallet (only 7.99) and ideal for securing hair while blow drying. 

Step 5: BLOW DRY

  • Starting with the front sections, use a large round brush and direct dryer down while pulling hair under towards the face. Concentrate on smoothing the mid shaft to ends and the tension of the brush will smooth the roots at the same time
  • To smooth a long bang, roll hair in brush AWAY from the face and direct air up. Trust us: it will only look Charlie's Angels for a minute and then fall to reveal the perfect out of the eye bang you thought only your Stylist could achieve

Step 6: FINISTA!

Look at you, Miss DIY Blow Dry! Lock your salon look in place with a generous serving of Cibu Finista Flexible Finishing Spray. Formulated with coconut and argan oil for shine, Finista is humidity resistant, smells amazing and keeps hair bouncy and moveable all day.

Cibu is available exclusively in Bubbles Hair Salons, Salon Cielo, Hair Cuttery and online at


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