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Hello, CIBU tribe!
We get it, any day up until Friday is usually just another day until the weekend, but why not change things up and look forward to every day of the week? Get inspired, get creative and do something new! Don't feel frustrated with manic Monday or struggle with the climb of hump day. Friday isn't the only day to be in love and Sunday isn't the only fun day. Every new morning you wake up, you have the opportunity to learn something you didn't know the day before. Why look forward to a new year after 365 days for a fresh start? The sunrise that happens every 24 hours is the only new beginning you need!
There are many things you can do to seize each day of the week and make it your own. It may have to with your health, your relationships and/or your career. However, we think the funnest way to liven things up daily is to try new hairstyles. Spice it up! You get comfortable and busy and stick to doing the same  routines over and over, and that includes how you style your hair. CIBU is here to give you some fun new options to try so you can end the madness of the same old regimen. 


Man Crush Monday

Whether you are a guy or gal with short hair, you can add some flare to your locks by adding in some of our molding products to help shape and create a fun style

Get the Look:

Cibu So Tacky Styling PasteCIBU Sticky Rice Matte Pomade



Texture Tuesday

Instead of flat ironing or blow drying your bold curls straight, use some of our curling and control products to help the natural fullness come through.

Get the Look:

CIBU Spring Roll Shaping Cream & CIBU Origumi Fiber Paste


Wash Me Wednesday

Every great hairdo and style starts with a good shampoo and conditioner. Everyone who has color in their hair, and even those who don't, make sure you have the right base products!

Get the look:

CIBU Color Shampoo & Conditioner



Throwback Thursday

Let's take it way back! You can't tell us you don't love Don Draper and his whole vibe. Show up with a classic throwback hairstyle with this Mad Men look, gentlemen!  

Get the look:

CIBU 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo + Body Wash & CIBU Slickster Classic Pomade


Finista Friday

It's finally Friday and you have a long day of work and plans after. How will you manage your hair from day to night? Make sure your style stays put with our Finista hairspray-all the hold you need without any of the stiffness!

Get the look:

CIBU Finista Flexible Finishing Spray



 Shine Saturday

Don't dim your shine with dullness! Let your hair GLOW! Try our amazing smooth and shine products.

Get the look:

CIBU Shimmer Smoothing Cream & CIBU Shine Squad Oil Mist



Smooth Sunday

Sundays are not for being lazy anymore! It's all about fun without the fuss. Keep your hair looking smooth as silk with the products below.

Get the look:

CIBU Knot So Knotty Anti-Breakage Detangler & CIBU Frizzfix Straightening Balm + Keratin



Go conquer your week. looking fresh and fab while you do!



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