How To Tie Tinsel In Hair That You Should Know

From Hollywood's red carpets to New York's runways, the glitzy strands can be seen everywhere. To apply the silk strands (also known as hair shimmers or hair bling), you simply tie them around the roots of several hairs and then remove them. When tied correctly, hair tinsel can last for weeks and can be washed, blow-dried, and heat styled (up to 400 degrees) (up to 400 degrees). Hair tinsel is a great way to stand out on your next night out, show school spirit, or celebrate the holidays. It's also perfect for children because it adds color and sparkle without being toxic or permanent. Anyone can achieve this sultry look at a fraction of the cost!

What Is Fairy Hair?

Hair tinsel in the form of tiny, sparkling or iridescent strands can be applied to your hair in a strand-by-by-strand fashion at the root.

Depending on how much you use it, hair tinsel can last anywhere from two to eight weeks before shedding naturally. Brushing, washing, and even curling your hair won't be a problem for this product.

You can wear fairy hair on any occasion, but we think it's just as fun to wear on a daily basis!

Where To Get Fairy Hair

Many salons offer the service of applying fairy hair to your hair, but you can do it yourself at home just as easily. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to play with hair tinsel whenever you want to.

The cost of having fairy hair professionally applied can also be quite high! For a mere 5 to 10 strands of fairy hair, most salons charge at least $20. If you can do it yourself, you'll save a lot of money.

Hair tinsel isn't readily available in stores, but you can get it on Amazon if you search for it.

What You’ll Need

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Hair tinsel and a few basic items you probably already have around the house are all you need to put fairy hair in.


  • Hair tinsel strands

  • A good detangling brush

  • A rat tail comb

  • Hair clips

  • Scissors

Because it's difficult to attach to short hair, fairy hair looks best on hair at least two inches long.

A child of any age can have their hair transformed into a fairy's mane. Fairy hair can be applied to children who can sit still during the procedure.

However, keep in mind that fairy hair may not last as long on children because they shed their hair more frequently than adults.

How To Put In Hair Tinsel

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Applying fairy hair is super easy. Using hair tinsel is a breeze once you get the hang of the process.

As a general rule, fairy hair can last from two to eight weeks, but some people have reported having their locks last for up to two years!

A clean, dry, thoroughly brushed head of hair is the best place to begin. Those tangles need to be worked out before applying the hair tinsel.

Consider where you want your hair to grow before deciding how much. How much sparkle do you want on your face, or do you want it all over?

Now that you know where and how much tinsel to put in, it's time to get started.

Use hair clips to hold back other hair if necessary to isolate the root of the hairs you want to attach the fairy hair to.

Each strand of hair tinsel requires a slip knot to be tied.

In order to tie your hair tinsel into a slip knot, find the middle point after you've folded the strand in half.

Form a loop by crisscrossing the strand's tails.

Pinch the loop between your thumb and forefinger at the point where they meet.

Using your fingers, slip through the loop and take hold of one of the strands that crossed over the other one and pull it into your loop.

When you've finished the knot, tighten it up by pulling up on the loop.

With your slip knot, you can tighten it simply by pulling on one end of the strand. Pull the loop to loosen.

To help with this process, Studio Knit has a great post with photos and video showing how to tie a slip knot.

Hair can be added to the slipknot by threading 3 to 5 strands through the loop for fine hair, or 1 to 2 strands for thick hair.

As you tighten the knot, try to get it close to the hair's root.

In order to keep the fairy hair in place while we attached it, we asked the person who was getting it done to place a finger over where the strand had been attached.

Using the hair tinsel, tie two or three times around the strand of hair.

Finally, tie the two ends of the hair tinsel to each other, but leave the hair out of this knot.

You can do this with as many strands as you like, making sure to distribute them evenly throughout your hair.

The hair tinsel should be trimmed to the same length as the hair around it for a polished look.

A few attempts are required to get the hang of it, but by the fifth or sixth strand, you'll have the process down pat and can put them in with ease.

You've now acquired the mane of a fairy!


  • Once you've tied your hair tinsel up properly, you can treat it like regular hair. It can be washed, blow dried, curled, and flat ironed. Care must be taken, however, when brushing so as not to pull directly on the knots.

  • Hair tinsel can last for weeks if it's properly tied and cared for.

  • Remove your hair tinsel by firmly grasping the knot and sliding it out of your hair.

Do you have a soft spot for fairy hair like we do? I love how it adds a little sparkle to my outfit.

Fairy hair is becoming more popular. We want to hear from you!

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